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We are a local Accounting Firm Dubai UAE, dedicated to assisting businesses and individuals around UAE. We're passionate about providing great accounting services with an unwavering focus on delivering an exceptional experience to you.

We're passionate about the UAE business community and provide supportive Accounting services in Dubai. Our team will act as a long-term advisor to businesses, ensuring that you receive guidance on how to manage government policies to reach your goals.

At KBA Business Consultants, we're passionate about the UAE business community. We're a proactive, energetic company that works alongside businesses to provide accounting and tax consultancy in Dubai, helping to make sure that you keep up to date with ever-changing legislation. Acting as a long-term advisor, we work closely with businesses to ensure that they continue to grow.

Apply for Excise tax registration in UAE

Our mission is the client-centric tax practice. What this means is that we are serious about building long-term relationships with our clients and providing them with real advice at a reasonable price. Our team consists of experts who have in-depth knowledge of tax planning in the UAE as well as other countries. Visit for Accounting outsourcing in Dubai

Accounting Bookkeeping

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